Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Mistake that Indian Small-Business Owners Have Been Making

I have seen quite a few small-business owners in India who want their children to study hard and get into some high-paying job. As the story goes, these people have themselves struggled a lot in their lives and hence they want their children to be shielded from what they had to face. Unknowingly, they are making a terrible mistake.

When business owners want their children to become employees, they are doing injustice both to their children and the nation. By shepherding their children to employment, they are taking away from them the opportunity to experience true freedom and prosperity; they are asking them to resign to a life of mediocrity. The economic development of any nation directly depends on entrepreneurs and small-business owners. In absence of them, a nation can’t progress. In absence of the jobs created by businesses and entrepreneurs, even small-business owners’ children can’t find a place to work.

So, what is required on the part of small-business owners is to motivate their children to take to small businesses or even join their own businesses. Also, just because small-business owners have seen tough times, it doesn’t mean that now they need to be overly protective about their children. On the contrary, they should keep their children in discipline so that they understand the importance of resources. Indulgent attitude toward their children can actually spoil them. They should be inspired to take risk and seek challenges. If given the right environment, their children can actually do very well in business, given the already-available platform.