Saturday, 15 July 2017

One Quality that Can Make You Rich

Most of us want to get rich. Yet most won’t. Though there are many factors that determine whether you become rich or poor, one factor stands out for its simplicity: simplicity itself.

Those who are simple have an edge over others when it comes to getting rich. To put simply, the least your requirements to stay satisfied, the simpler you are. Alas, simplicity is fast disappearing from the current consumption-oriented generation.

The urgency to acquire luxuries has corrupted many a youth. Many people live by credit. Many of us have the false feeling that we can’t be happy if don’t have something. From that expensive phone to that dream vacation, there are several avenues that make us feel inadequate. What’s more, even if a desire is satisfied, it is quickly replaced by another and the cycle repeats itself.

A lack of simplicity keeps most of us financially weak. With so many distractions, it’s hard to build wealth. Is there any solution? Yes, but adults will increasingly find it difficult to implement. Adults, because they are adults, come to believe that their lifestyle is a given and it can’t be altered. If you questioned their reckless lifestyle, they would go to any length to convince you that nothing much could be done. Their lifestyles own them; it’s not the other way round.

For those who still want to gain control over their lives, here is the first step: restore simplicity. Take someone else’s help if needed. Recognize what can be cut from your present lifestyle that will help you save more. Still better, save first and then spend. You will naturally have less remaining, which will force you to tone down your lifestyle.

Another solution: give huge importance to being simple and to saving. Once you shift your priorities to make simplicity your buzzword, you will be automatically inclined to save more.

Indeed, the most effective things are also the simplest.  

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